Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Saturday 23 October, Simon's Town Scramble

What a pleasant outing.  I can’t claim to have run much of the route, Peter had us running uphill right from the get go.  I was rather glad that no one turned up for Fay’s walking group and that she decided to join us.  It gave me the perfect excuse to keep her company on the stairway to hell (signal school actually – just felt like hell at the time).  Truth be told I could not have run up those stairs even if you paid me.  Some of the more enthusiastic even managed to count them! 

It was quite sad to see the state of the old signal school, it was very run down.  The surrounding fynbos was stunning though.  We took a slow run along the road to Red hill and the Scala Barracks and Battery.  We then carried on past the old WW2 coastal artillery guns and a host of other military buildings and things.  Peter Rodgers turned out to be a subject matter expert and was a very informative guide; I think the others will agree that he has the potential to be a SA Tour guide.

After the military tour we carried on down the hill, back to the main road and then along the drag to the beach and back to the car park.  A great run, thanks Peter for organizing this one for us.

Remember that you need to request permission to access to the military grounds before running through them!

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