Friday, 17 December 2010

Last run of the year - Silvermine 11 December 2010

After a few weeks (more like five or six) I finally managed to make it to a Saturday run.  After a few minutes wait at the gate we all drove up to the boom, only to find our path to the dam blocked by a cycle race.  Not to be put off - a quick change of plans (and route) found us parking at the lower car park.
A different route was agreed and we set off.  A quick trot up the river walk,
along Steenburg ridge, right up to the look out and back down again.
A familiar but still fun route.  The planned breakfast at the dam ended up being breakfast in the car park - thanks to the cycle race.  Tim popped in to say high which was great, we don't often get to talk to the man behind the mails and VOB trail running.

This week’s Jungle Joe goes to Neil for his spectacular face plant on the decent.  I missed the action but did manage to capture some battle scars.

Fay's brisk walking group seems to be joining most days now, so those of you still having concerns about being too slow (or unfit) should take advantage of the opportunity and join the group.  You will find your pace somewhere between Greg in the front and Fay at the back.

Peter started this group with the hope of providing those starting out (or
ending off) in trail running a social group with no pressure (just support) and
the promise of a pace slower than Tim's VOB group.  The plan being that
once firmly in the clasps of the trail running bug, those getting fitter (and
faster) would move up to Tim's group.  Well, I think he has achieved just

On behalf of all those taking part in runs this year I would like to say a big thank you to Peter for all his efforts in getting (and keeping) the group going.

Until next year, happy holidays.

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