Monday, 7 February 2011

Saturday 5 February 2011 Platteklip Gorge

Saturday's outing starting from the foot of Platterklip Gorge was almost a sequel to last year's "Gorillas in the Mist" because as we reached the saddle between Devil's Peak and the eastern face of Table Mountain a thick mist suddenly rolled in on us reducing visibility to about 10m. Anyway the six of us found our way to the top of Newlands Ravine, the mist cleared and we had bright sunlight for the descen and the rest of the run.

On the way down Elaine stumbled and sprained her ankle but after quickly strapping it up she was off like a gazelle and continued in fine style down the ravine and along the contour path where we passed the long run group running in the opposite direction with a very disgruntled Tim acting as sweep to some very slow runners who had joined in.

Passed the Block house and then diverted down to Tafelberg Road to make running a little easier for Elaine. Altogether we covered 12.25 km taking 2hrs 42 mins. Somewhat longer than planned but hay this is trail running and time and distance are at best estimates taken from Google Earth.

PS. We discovered that the best way to find your way in the mist - look for the sign posts!  It does help having someone you can actually see the signs! 

Overheard on the trail:  You can't strap an ankle with duct tape - it chafes.  Followed by:  How do you even know that?
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