Monday, 28 March 2011

Feedback Saturday 26th March: Two Oceans 10k Route

Feed-Back Saturday 26th March: Two Oceans 10 Route

For this week we were joined by a few members of the short distance trail running group so we had 26 who started out. From the parking area we ran back through UCT to the actual start line in front of the “Jammie Steps”. Thereafter thanks to the acquired map of the revised route we were able to run the route with only minor errors of navigation. No incidents were noted and by all accounts those who have entered the race now have a very good idea of what lies ahead. For the rest of us it was a good run in an attractive area.


Congratulations to Veronica [left above] and Sam [right above] for having run their tenth sortie thereby joining our growing Decurion group.

Our log now records:

Neil with 14 sorties

Sandy & Gaeleen with 13 each

Felicity & Pat 11 each

Veronica & Sam 10 each

And getting there Pieter [Carst] with 6 sorties, Elaine, Lanesse and Annalise with 5 each.

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