Saturday, 4 June 2011

Feedback Saturday 4th June: Constantia Nek to Woodhead Dam

View towards Muizenberg
 Ignoring the threatening weather 19 of us drove up to Constantia Nek where predictably it was raining. Despite several enquires as to "do we actually start in rain"?  the matter was resolved when the rain eased off and we set off up the two short-cut paths which run directly across and up the the slopes of Klassenkop.   A good early morning workout for slumbering calves.  Soon we broke though the cloud and witnessed a colourful sunrise towards the East.  That is those of us who stopped long enough to look around. 
False Bay and beyond
Soon we reached the concrete track and the very steep section to the "iron bridge"  actually I think its made of steel but so what.  Here the track flattens out a bit and running was possible just.  Past the old Oveseer's lodge now an overnight stop for Hoerikwaggo hikers and on past the Alexandra and Victoria dams.

On arrival at the trees overlooking the Woodhead dam we realized we had only covered 4.8 Kms.  Not good enough so on around the dam and back over the wall with its spectacular view down into Disa Gorge.  

Group photo at the turning point
 After stopping at the water point on the far side for the customary group photo it was a matter of an exhilarating downhill run back to the parking site.    Fortune favoured the bold as no injuries this week despite some slippery sections[at least none that I heard of]

 All in all a good but tough run  a little longer than usual at 14kms and two hours plus running time

The route we took

Route profile

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