Sunday, 10 July 2011

Feedback Saturday 9th July: Constantia Nek to Kirstenbosch

the "undulating" course we ran

21 runners turned up for the run which included 10 newbies. After a brisk warm-up walk up the hill we soon broke into a run and took the low road through to the new look and barren Cecilia parking lot where we swung uphill and ran through the upper gate and then down to the Rycroft gate.

"stairway to the stars"

From there it was a scenic tour through the lower parts of the gardens which were looking so fresh and inviting in the cool clear morning sunshine.  Then it was a bit of an uphill slog to find the Yellowwood trail which we missed and then found.  After a shortish run along this trail it was up the “stairway to the stars” to the contour path and then home along the high route.  All in all a good run with no injuries that I heard of.    Total distance 13.2 Km in an average running time of a 2hrs 10m

Group Photo at halfway point

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