Monday, 11 June 2012

Feedback 9 June: Constantia Nek

“Picture the scene……7.20am Saturday morning, light rain falling, 8 degrees outside, a dozen or so cars under the trees at Constantia Nek parking area, Julian doing his pre-run warm up on the gravel, are any others going to turn up? Fast forward to 7.30am, the rain has stopped and 16 bodies are “ready to rumble” after listening to Gaeleen’s lecture. Someone says “I can’t feel my legs”, to which our resident comedian replies “I’m not surprised, they amputated your arms yesterday”. Hahaha, and Julian was off like a scalded cat, along the t*r for a few hundred metres, up the steps to the intersection with the first road, then up the steps to the intersection with the second road. A quick regroup, then along the contour path, stopping to admire the views and the waterfalls at Cecelia Ravine, Nursery Ravine and Skeleton Gorge, then down to just above Kirstenbosch and back along the roller coaster to Constantia Nek.

 A beautiful morning with a great bunch. Relatively incident free, save for Tissa losing her footing and sliding down some wooden steps on her coccyx, tearing her running tights and exposing her bum, or rather half of it, to anyone who dared to look, then Elizabeth losing her footing and landing in the Skeleton Gorge stream. Two hours and ten minutes of pure joy ended just as the heavens opened and the rain came belting down. Thanks to Julian for leading and only taking two wrong turns and to Gaeleen for sweeping……and pointing Julian in the right direction. And congratulations to Michelle and Peter for completing the "Old Fisherman’s Trail Challenge”.

All the best

David Bywater

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