Saturday, 17 November 2012

Report back Sat 17th November; Silvermine NW

We had a good turnout of 35, including 7 newbies of which two, Haniche and Lena, were visitors from Germany who wanted a different South African Experience.

Fortunately the forecast light rain did not arrive and we set off from the Mountain bike parking area into a mild early summer morning.   Initial climb up to Steenberg Ridge gott the blood flowing, and then the picturesque route along the ridge from where you can see both False Bay and the Atlantic coast. 

Despite having planned the route, I managed to miss the turn off for the amphitheatre path so the recovery group had to retrace our steps  and so met up with the main group.  Then followed a good fynbos run along the fairly level trail just under the crest of the amphitheatre overlooking Silvermine dam.  Again we all missed the turn off as it must have become overgrown, so we ended up running up the gravel road to the view point as opposed to taking the more direct route as planned. 


Time to admire the view and a group photo before returning to the amphitheatre fynbos trail and the descent down to the dam followed by an easy jog along the boardwalk back to the parking area.

Special word of thanks to Michael Manning, a relative newcomer who has become a regular, for leading the group.   

About 11kms, taking just under two hours.

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