Monday, 6 May 2013

Feedback: Sat 11 May Glencairn

Glencairn –Kleinplaas Dam circuit

Alan Hammond who led the run reports as follows:
We had 11 runners and 4 walkers arrive at Glencairn on a chilly morning this Saturday. We didn’t have a recovery group and all headed off up into the mountain. We were lead by the very able Leslie Street and navigation was by the wonderful Liz Brash.  Due to her sterling efforts we didn’t get lost once! It was a beautiful day for running and the course was challenging in parts, more because of the sandy surface than any steep inclines. Some great views over the southern peninsula and over towards Long beach.
The route was just a few metres short of 14km and we arrived back at the car park after 2hours and 18mins. A wonderful morning on the trail.
Fay Linder who led the walkers reports as follows:We had a splendid walk in amazing fynbos this morning.   It should be "quiet time" for the flowers but the veld was full of Proteas, Ericas, Lobelias, carpets of Struthiolas and many others....and the weather was perfect!


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