Monday, 2 December 2013

FEEDBACK: 30 November, Newlands

And the wind blew!

32 turned out for the planned run to the Blockhouse round the corner and over the saddle and down Newlands Ravine.     But as we got out into the exposed sections the wind made running almost impossible.    Geoff, the leader of the Main Group, decided to can the saddle ascent and they opted for a trot along the boardwalks and contour path to Kirstenbosch.   Along the way the ran into Tim's Longer Faster Group who were about to ascend Dark Gorge.

Altogether 11.5 kms run.

Congratulations to Felicity who completed her 50th sortie today and Sandy for finally making her long awaited come-back to trail running and who completed her 30th sortie.

Thanks to Geoff for organizing today's sortie.

Neil, Sandy and Felicity braced for Take Off 

Alex and Jackie Romanoff, two Trailers taking the day off to assist at the Volunteer Fife fighters open day with Theresa in between

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