Sunday, 16 February 2014

FEEDBACK: Saturday 22nd February 2014: Constantia Green Belts


23 turned out on a beautiful cool morning of which 11 were newcomers.    An easy run up through the verdant Alphen and Klassenbosch trails up to the remains of Cecilia Forest where the main group continued up to the upper track and then followed that through to just before Constantia nek where they turned down to take the Diep river trail back.   

The Recovery group took a slightly shorter route across to the top of Southern Cross drive before running down the Diep River trail.      11.5 Kms for the Main Group and 10 kms for the Recovery Group both taking about 1hr 40 mins. 

 A very runnable route 80-90% for a change and one with lots a shade and two water fountains!

Thanks to Richard and his team of Navigators for leading over a new route which we can use again in the January heat next year. 

Dawn start up the green belt towards the mountain


Run profile

Route taken by the Main Group

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