Sunday, 12 October 2014

FFEDBACK: Sat 18th Oct, Silvermine North-West to Noordhoek Peak

Saturday's run turned out to be a stunning day with no clouds to provide excellent views from the top. We had a great turn out, with all three groups enjoying their morning.

The main and recovery groups left the entrance of Silvermine Gate 1 and continued along the the river walk towards the mountain bike parking area, where the walking group started. The run along the river provided some much needed shade on this particularly hot Saturday. The route led along Steenberg Ridge and across to the Elephant’s Eye fire look-out, then towards Blackburn Ravine followed by the Panorama path to Noordhoek peak. All the groups met up at the lookout over Hout Bay. The main group continued up, up and further up towards Noordhoek Peak and returned via the Amphitheatre path to the dam and back down the river walk. The recovery group turned back, passed the dam and returned via the river walk. The walkers also returned to the mountain bike parking lot.

The main group covered a gruelling 14km in 2h 45min, the recovery 10.7km in 2h 10min and the walkers 7.5km in 1h 50min.

Main group and walkers meet of a picture
Recovery group and walkers meet for a photo at the lookout
Up, up, and more up for the Main group

Nothing beats a swim in the dam after a long run.  Shoes and all!

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