Sunday, 17 May 2015

FEEDBACK: Saturday 23 May 2015, Constantia Neck-reservoirs via Smuts Track

We had a great turnout (7 newbies) to this Saturday’s run, despite the looming cold front that lay ahead. The lead group was led by a super-lead group ie. Koji and Brigette, who lead until they took a wrong turn at Ash Valley and disappeared into the mountain mist. The normal lead group was lead at an ok-I’m-awake-now pace by master trail runner Hein, who did some extra milage with his looping backwards and forwards to make sure we were in tow. We took a short cut through the empty Hely Hutchinson Dam just to experience the moon-like terrain. Back on Smuts track we found Koji and Brigette making their way down Nursery Ravine - and raced them back to the carpark.

Gaeleen led the recovery group on a variation of the same route via Ash Valley, doing about 11.5kms in total. The lead group covered 13.9kms, and the super-lead group finished about 16kms.

Thanks everyone for an awesome morning on the mountain and well done to run manager (Tamsyn) os completing her 50th sortie.!


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