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Table Mountain Trailers Feedback: August 15th - Constantia Greenbelts

Table Mountain Trailers Feedback: Sortie August 15th:  Constantia Greenbelts

This morning's route followed our familiar home-ground trails: Alphen, Klassenbosch, Diep River with a loop up into Cecilia Forest. 

The morning broke damp and grey, but did not deter the 29 trailers that grouped at the Constantia Sports Complex at 7:30am, including 4 newbies. The temperature was 14C at the start and we managed to make it back to the cars before the drizzle began in earnest.
[Gaeleen’s Note To Self: When trail running during winter in Cape Town, bring rain jacket, even when the Norwegians say 'no rain'! ]
Mud, mud, glorious mud.

If a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it, does it make a noise?
It’s not often the recovery group gets ahead of the main group but this week it happened! The speedy Gonzalezes only caught up with the "Tweenies" at the top of Southern Cross Drive, from whence we all hiked up to the waterfall for the group photo (minus Dave&Tissa and Liz who had decided to head back earlier).  At this point the main group lost 2 other members as Allison and Natalie joined the recovery group and missed out on the second loop planned for
the main group.

The main group did 15 km in 1 h 45 - a bit faster than the last time. Julian/Hein set a fast pace and poor Dave was left to sweep up the rest.

The recovery group led by Gaeleen did just short of 11 km in 1 h 35 and the Run/Walk group were hot on their heels.  

Main and Recovery groups at Cecilia Waterfall
We would like to take this opportunity to say a very fond farewell to Nicole Meyer who has led the Recovery Group for the last year and has been a willing Sortie Organizer, as well as Blog Editor. Nicole will be heading off to continue her studies in Canada next week. She will be delving into the inclusions in diamonds to solve the mysteries of the planet's evolution --- and trail running in winter weather of minus 20 degrees C. We’ll miss you Nicole!

And a rainbow to end on.
Next week's run will be at Sandy Bay. Please wear your water belt/backpack. ;)


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