Saturday, 12 September 2015


A brisk and chilly wind welcomed us to Noordhoek this morning. We quickly signed in and separated into our groups before setting off across the sand and, within minutes, we were toasty warm, if a little 'sandblasted'.

Nanu nanu Moira!

The sky and sea were grey and wintery this morning in stark contrast to our last run, when the soft pink and yellow hues of the winter sun had painted the sky in a pastel delight. Today, the breakers were a cool green-white and quite ferocious. The sun hung higher in the pale sky. There seemed to be a veil over it, keeping it at bay.

All three groups together at the water crossing on the return
The little water crossing was also more challenging than last time. It cut deeply into the sand but was no real obstacle to such brave Trailers. The kelp forest of June was gone, leaving only a few strands of dried up seaweed to remind us of the previous run. Even the birds were fewer.

The main group, composed of 5 strapping menfolk led by Hein, faded into the distance. Adrian's watch reported that they were running along the hard sand at a 5min/km pace. The recovery group ran at a good pace behind them, stopping at the shipwreck for a regroup and a chat, and the slow group followed briskly.

The Recovery group turned around at the Kommetjie ablution block. The run back towards the start was less pleasant than the outward trip as the wind was now blowing towards us. However, we had the sun ahead of us which gave us some pretty views over the dunes.

All three groups met up at the water crossing and we took the opportunity to take a photo of all three groups together before the 5 spartans dashed off into the distance again.

There's no stopping Hein!
At the finish, we recorded times and distances as follows:
  • Main Group - 16.4km - 1h42
  • Recovery Group  - 12.3km - 1h45
  • Slow Group - 10.8km - 1h53
The Recovery Group

The Slow Group

The Main Group

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