Sunday, 3 April 2016

FEEDBACK: Saturday 9th April - Hole in the Wall (Boyes Drive)


An unexpectedly large group of 38 trailers gathered in the pre-dawn at Hole in the Wall on a beautiful warm calm morning. The long uphill at the start hadn't put people off!

The fast group was ably led by Gregg Smith and did around 13kms in 2h37 - the route including going up Pecks valley, up to Higher Steenberg peak and up to the Amphitheatre!

The medium group was led by committee and completed 9kms in 2h05 - not so many hills...

Both groups split at the end with some people going down to Bailey's Kloof and back along the road and the others taking the trail back to Hole in the Wall, so times and mileage were marginally different.

Liz Brash

There were so many beautiful photos of the run by Liz, Jo and Lorraine. We have selected only a few for the blog. Many more on the facebook page.

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