Friday, 4 November 2016

FEEDBACK: Saturday 5th November 2016 - Constantia Nek - Vlakkenberg

We met at Constantia Nek this rather chilly November morning for a quick race briefing by committee before heading up the steep stairs/path behind the old Constantia Nek restaurant (now La Parada/Harbour House).

In our three groups, we huffed and puffed our way up to the tar road where the Fast group was found to be taking a very easy day having turned around at 4kms! Promptly corrected by the Medium group, they spun around and headed back in the direction of Hout Bay to make up their distance, scooping up a couple of the Medium group runners who by now had down the hardest part of the route at an easy pace and were keen to join the speedsters for the flatter parts.

The Medium group went on to the look out point and took a few snaps of the view before declaring the weather too chilly for standing around.

The descent down to Bokkemanskloof is always fabulous. We were awash in flowers of every colour. Neil twisted his ankle - twice - but managed to hobble home. A few other slips and bumps were experienced as the path disappeared in patches under the thick undergrowth. There were very fresh droppings which raised questions about the local fauna. Were they duiker, caracal or babboon? Homework!

The final leg of the run was along the undulating pipe track behind the housing estate, the start of which was guarded by a very fierce looking Rottweiler, causing the Medium group to approach it as a pack. I'm not sure how the other groups fared past this most fearsome of obstacles!

All in all, a lovely hike up and scramble down.

Blog report: Lorraine Nevin
Photos Lorraine & Liz

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