Monday, 13 November 2017

FEEDBACK: Saturday 18th November 2017 : Silvermine North

The mountain was covered in mist and the weather was gloomy and cool as the crowd waiting for the Silvermine gate to open got larger and more impatient. Eventually the gate marshall arrived having walked up Ou Kaapse Weg. We were all a bit sheepish as most of us had passed him at the bottom...

After everyone got through the gate queue, the 3 groups started out up the River Walk. Gregg led the fast group which eventually split into 2. Despite the weather, jackets were shed as we went up and along Steenberg ridge. The medium group also split as some elected to meet us at the Elephants Eye turn off.

It was turning out to be wonderful running weather. The medium group met up with the slower fast group on the way to the Elephant's Eye lookout and we all stopped for a group photo. Then it was on to the Hout Bay Lookout. 

The wind was cold at the Lookout so we didn't stop for long despite the great view. At the Amphitheatre turnoff, people with time constraints went down the zig zags to go home while the rest of us clambered up the ridge. 

Stunning views, gorgeous flowers and a great run

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