Monday, 5 February 2018

FEEDBACK Saturday 10th February - Red Disa run

Saturday 10 February 2018  –  Valentine's Red Disa Run – Constantia Neck, Reservoirs, Aqueducts back via the Smuts track

Approx 35 runners joined us for our annual Red Disa run at Constantia Nek. 

After the usual safety briefing we all made our way up the steps and shortcuts and then onto the overseer’s hut. The rain had settled the dust and made it a very pleasant day out on the mountain.

By this time we were definitely divided into 3 groups.  From here we took Smut’s track and made our way to the dams, across the wall, and then onto the aqueducts. All groups returned via the Smuts track – except a few who had time constraints and turned back.

We were not disappointed – the red disas were there in full bloom. 

Thanks to Richard for looking after the faster group of about 5 runners.  I didn’t see them after the run, but I think they managed about 14 km in under 3 hours.

The medium group was led by Julian and co and managed by our usual committee.  We did 14 km in over 3 hours.  The relaxed group managed a similar distance and spent a bit longer on the mountain enjoying the flowers.

Thanks to Jo, Liz, Lorraine and others for the lovely photos. (Pls see our facebook page.)

Congratulations to Nora on completing her 75th sortie with the group

A few of us joined Paul for a farewell coffee after the run – he will be working overseas for a while.


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