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TABLE MOUNTAIN TRAILERS - Saturday 5th May - Constantia Nek - Vlakkenberg - Manganese Mines - Hout Bay Beach Point-to-Point

Good Morning Trailers! 

Quite a few of our intrepid trailers have pushed themselves to their limits this weekend: Liz Brash and Jason & Christine Welthagen have done the 2-day Klipspringer Challenge; Nothemba Mfolozi and Fazlin Martin have taken part in the 3-day African X, and then there was Mmama Kubjane, coming second lady in the Ultra Trail Drakensberg in just under 22 hours. I do hope you wore your TMT t-shirts at the various prize-givings! Congratulations to you all – and to everyone else who participated in a big event whose achievements I may have missed.  

While we're talking about achievements, I'd like to congratulate the following regulars on reaching TMT milestones:

·         Neil Garbers              175 sorties
·         Sam Brinkman            75 sorties
·         Marg Tierney              75 sorties
·         Theo Smith                 50 sorties
·         Bonita de Araujo         25 sorties
·         Thomas Andrews        25 sorties

On to this week's run:
I've chosen to take you all on Leg 3 of the Hout Bay Challenge for a pleasant climb followed by a long gentle downhill. It's only 10kms in distance but it's an point-to-point run so you need to allow a little bit of time for car admin.

Rendezvous and Start Time:
6:45am ready to run at 7am- Constantia Nek. Note that we will be finishing at the Vida/Beach car park so if you want to make a plan with friends to take a few cars down to the beach car park, then please get back up to the Nek by 6:55 for sign in. Personally, I'm thinking of Ubering back up at the end of the run after a breakfast smoothie at Vida. You could also run back to your car, of course. ;)  
Route and Terrain:
Again this week's run is not very technical so it's a good one for beginners – and for those with tired legs from this weekend. We huff and puff up Vlakkenberg steps and follow the Hoerikwaggo Hiking Trail until we see the path leading to Vlakkenberg Peak. We take this small detour in the shape of a square, returning to the HHT just before the Bokkemanskloof path. We'll meet the tar road, run along it for a few metres and then take the right turn to stop at Picnic Rock for a photo shoot. Then we continue on the flowing HHT all the way to the Manganese Mines and onto Chappies, It's all single track except for the last km which is on Chapman's Peak Drive.

Medium Group: 10-11 km, taking us approximately 1hr 45mins.

Longer Group: I'm going to ask the advice of the Longer Group leaders but I'm looking at the map and thinking Skoorsteenberg (aka Kasteelsberg) for a good leg stretch. To be confirmed on Friday.

Relaxed Group: To be confirmed on Friday.
The small print:
All the usual rules apply with regard to water, warm tops and whistles, as well as space blankets and ICE information
This is a pack run -  not a race - please stay with your group! Please also remember to look behind you at every turn in the route to make sure the people behind you see which way you are going. Front Runners, wait for the back of your pack to catch their breath before moving on. 
Please note no dogs are allowed on our runs.
Look forward to seeing you there. 

072 575 0914

The even smaller print:
Warning:  Trail running is inherently more dangerous than road running.  It may take place over uneven hazard strewn trails in exposed and often remote terrain where help is not always readily available.
Participation is voluntary and entirely at your own risk as although the organizers take reasonable precautions to ensure runner safety, it cannot be guaranteed.  To this end neither the Club nor the organisers personally can be held liable for any claims relating to inter alia, injuries, disabilities and death. Further any minor child participating in any trail running activity will be deemed to be doing so with the consent of his or her guardian.

By starting out on a trail run you explicitly acknowledge that: 
1] you understand the associated risks involved and accept full responsibility for your own safety. 
2] you are medically and physically fit to participate and 
3] are carrying the necessary water, clothing and safety equipment required for the particular run.

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