Friday, 20 July 2018

Re: TABLE MOUNTAIN TRAILERS: 21 July 2018 - Pipe Track up CORRIDOR down Kasteelspoort ON

Dear Trailers

Our run for tomorrow is ON with a slight deviation to the route.

Due to safety concerns follow a recent rockfall on Woody Ravine, we will continue passed Woody to Corridor where we will turn up.  This adds an extra 2km approximately.

There will be an additional medium group not doing the ascent, led by Lorraine, who will do a simple out and back to Woody Ravine (approximately 10km total)

Relaxed group will confirm route in the morning.

Fast group will be determined in the morning.

RV in the Kloof Neck parking area ready to start at 07:30.

Looks to be a chilly start but warming up later in the morning.

Hope to see you there.



On Monday, 16 July 2018, 09:08:55 SAST, Samantha Brinkmann <> wrote:

Greetings Trailers

Our next adventure awaits...

Route details

From Kloof Neck parking we join the Pipe Track which runs above Camps Bay Drive.  

This is a nice warm-up section with beautiful views down to Camps Bay and toward 12 Apostles, but watch out for those stone trolls which jump out when you're not looking down.  

Approximately 5km down the track we take a left up Woody Ravine.  This is where the climb begins which will get the blood pumping, and with a little bit of scrambling the fun scale is ramped up. 

After catching our breath at the top, possibly sheltering behind a rock from the cold wind, we head back towards the cable car for approximately 1km with a detour to the viewing point if you wish, until we get to the Kasteelspoort hiking trail to the left.

We traverse down Kasteelspoort and at the bottom turn right back along Pipe Track allowing us to stretch our legs on the return to Kloof Neck.

Back at the cars we high five and acknowledge how awesome we are.


Rendezvous and Start Time

RV in the Kloof Neck parking area ready to start at 07:30.


Terrain and Distance

A mix of jeep track, mountain trail and single track.  Be warned there are some rocky bits which will test the reflexes and the ankles. 

Distance: ±12-13 kms taking about 2h30 mins for Medium Group

Fast Group
Will follow a similar route with an extension to be decided on the day.

Slow  Group to be confirmed by Friday.

*Please note adjustments to the route may be made whilst running depending on the group and weather conditions.

Please bring:

A whistle, water, a warm & waterproof top, space blanket and ICE tag or card.


Hope to see you on Saturday, have a great week!



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