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RE: CHANGE OF VENUE AND ROUTE! TABLE MOUNTAIN TRAILERS: Saturday 1 February 2020 - Lion's Head and Signal Hill (Optional caves)

Hi Trailers!


Our run on Saturday is ON! The wind looks as if it will be dropping and weather looks cooler but as always come prepared for anything.


Please note change in route and venue to Lion's Head from Kloofnek parking.


There will be a relaxed group


See you at 6:25am



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Hi Trailers!




Due to the route of the FIrgrove Challenge road race effectively blocking most of the routes through to Constantia Nek from the Constantia/Tokai side on Saturday morning, we have decided to postpone the DIsas to the 8 Feb and do an old favourite this Saturday.


We meet at Kloof Nek parking to sign in.

From there we cross the busy intersection and run up towards Lion's Head hopping on to the single track to the left of the road. Once we reach the start of the Lion's Head jeep track, we turn left up the jeep track and follow this round (trying to avoid the crowds!).

At the point where we can see Clifton Beach below, there is an overhang to the right called Lawry's Ledge – not too far off the path. We will do a short trek up there to see the view. Back down on the track we follow the path up towards Lion's Head.

Around the bend, there is a path to the left which will take you down towards the mosque and the various options to choose once there OR for those who would like to explore 1 or 2 more caves, ignore that path and continue round Lion's Head. When we can see Signal Hill, there is a path on the right that leads up to another overhang. Well worth the short climb to see the view. Further round, there is another cave called Watchman's Cave. We then return to the path and run down towards the mosque


Once at the junction just before the mosque:

  1. there is a path to the left taking you down to the path that runs back around Lion's Head – a shorter route
  2. continue past the mosque and up to Signal Hill to take in the view and then return back down to the junction to run back round Lion's Head
  3. Continue to the junction after the mosque, cross the road and run down towards the noon gun and back above the houses. (regular route)


Rendezvous and start time
Meet at
6:25am at Kloofnek parking to sign in. We start running at 6:30am


Terrain and distance
Single track and jeep tracks. Uphill at the beginning round Lion's Head then flowing undulating running to get back

Between 8 and 14km depending on the route chosen 

This is a pack run with regular regroups, we will split into speed groups with leaders and sweeps on the morning. 

The relaxed group will be confirmed on Friday

Please note that  K-Way VOB club rules do not permit dogs on our runs.


What to bring
Water, whistle, warm/windproof top depending on weather, space blanket, ICE ID - either on your phone, bracelet/tag, card in your backpack.

ImportantPlease remember to look behind you at every turn in the route to make sure the people behind you see which way you are going.   
Leaders of each group will ensure that no-one is left behind. Please keep the groups together and ensure that no-one is left on their own. 


See you there!



Warning:  Trail running is inherently more dangerous than road running.  It may take place over uneven hazard strewn trails in exposed and often remote terrain where help is not always readily available.

Participation is voluntary and entirely at your own risk as although the organizers take reasonable precautions to ensure runner safety, it cannot be guaranteed.  To this end neither the Club nor the organisers personally can be held liable for any claims relating to inter alia, injuries, disabilities and death. Further any minor child participating in any trail running activity will be deemed to be doing so with the consent of his or her guardian.

By starting out on a trail run you explicitly acknowledge that: 
1] you understand the associated risks involved and accept full responsibility for your own safety. 
2] you are medically and physically fit to participate and 
3] are carrying the necessary water, clothing and safety equipment required for the particular run.


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