Sunday, 9 December 2012

Feedback: Sat 8th December, Silvermine SE

Silvermine SE  

Slogging uphill and too misty to see much
35 turned up at the start although some did miss the turn off  to the parking area.
Although lower down it was a warm summers day up here in the cloud shrouded mountains with the Sou Easter pumping it was something else.  Anyway as usual we split into two groups and Richard led off the main group heading out for the trail round to the amphitheatre and beyond.   For us in the recovery group that was the last we saw of them!

Recovery group at the Amphitheatre cairn
Main Group
Veronica led out the recovery group at a fine clip, [clearly she has recovered] and we followed the main group, occasionally hearing them but due to the mist we could see very little.  One mishap which fortunately did not turn out to be serious so after a short break we continued.   Later we encountered Michael who was doubling back as it appeared the main group had lost some.   we assured him that there were no stragglers other than us so he disappeared into the mist to catch up again.

We later learnt that all was well with Richard re-grouping the group at frequent intervals to ensure all stayed together.

A good uneventful run for all concerned at least I heard no complaints.

More mist

Richard checking the cairn's map

Thanks to Richard Rossiter for safely leading the group through the mountains in poor visibility and to Gae for ensuring that the back markers did not fall off the bus.
We had 8 newbies who seemed to have enjoyed the run and we hope to see them back again.

 Back in the parking area we had a little awards ceremony with Veronica, who was the Table Mountain trailers first recruit, presenting a certificate of achievement to Gaeleen Tompkins
as by the end of this run she and I both completed 75 sorties each.

Gaeleen with certificate

Gaeleen and I having each completed 75 sorties

Thanks to Jackie and Lorraine for the photos

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