Sunday, 16 December 2012

Feedback, Saturday 15th December: Rhodes Memorial

Running towards Newlands Ravine

28 including 7 newbies arrived at the RV to find the gates up to Rhodes Memorial firmly locked. Having anticipated this eventuality we started off from said gate.  Despite the early hour it was soon warm work grinding up heartbreak hill towards the blockhouse which was followed by a good scenic run along the trail leading from King’s Block house towards Constantia Nek.
Re group
we turned down at Ascension gully and made our way back along Woodcutters trail through Newlands Forest to the start.   Here we discovered that someone had removed our Start Register from under Liz’s car and despite a search it was gone.   Several of us then drove through the now open gates up to the Rhodes Memorial parking area for our customary end of year picnic breakfast under a convenient shady oak.

Thanks to Julian for leading the main group, to Lorraine for some of the photos and Gaeleen for the track and elevation profile.

Lorraine taking it easy!

Group Photo
End of year picnic breakfast
Route followed

Elevation Profile

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