Wednesday, 18 September 2013

FEEDBACK: Saturday 21 September 2013 Constantia Nek- Kirstenbosch

The Norwegians got it right!   They forecast a short window of no rain for this morning and they were spot on.   We drove up to the Nek in pouring rain wondering who else would be there but at 0640 the rain stopped and fourteen emerged from their cars looking somewhat surprised.

Having been warned by the parks board of the danger of mudslides and slippery trails higher up on the mountain the route was changed to keep us on the lower flanks away from the dangerous parts so the run became somewhat shorter than usual   

The rest is history one of those bracing winter runs, it was a tad cool but most were soon shedding their outer layers as we warmed up.

Richard and Gregg led the main group on a faultless run through to Fernwood and back while the four of us in the recovery group followed on,  soon to be overtaken by a tornado  in the form of Geoff, who swept by to catch up with the main group, having thought that the start time was at 0700.   Nothing like an early morning sprint to get going.

All in all a good run  and yes no rain it only started again as we drove home!

About 12kms done in just over 2 hours

Looking out over the Constantia Valley

Dawn, newbie Nicole and Lief of the Recovery Group

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