Sunday, 11 October 2015


Alex reports:

Our distance for the Maclear's run was about 12.5km, and the time for the group was 3:15 (15 minutes ahead of the anticipated schedule).

We had very variable conditions on the way up. It was a sun-dappled wonderland at the ladders in Skeleton gorge. Ten minutes later we had some rain. Once on top it was very misty and cold. Before the start Geoff said that the temperature would drop one degree for every 100 metres up. We thought he was joking!

We made two decision stops, one at the top of Skellies, and one at the Aquaduct, to vote on whether to continue. Both times it was unanimous to go on to the Beacon. The Beacon did eventually appear out of the mist. Conditions were not conducive to hanging around, and the views were for another day I'm afraid. We did however stop for long enough for frozen fingers to try and operate cameras. Kevin wowed us by taking pictures with his wrist-watch. We also took a few pics with Tamsyn's phone, just in case. The cold did not deter Lesley, who was still in shorts and a t-shirt. He turned down various offers for a spare jacket, despite the fact that his speech was beginning to slur from the cold. "English stiff upper lip" he said.

Things warmed up quickly on the way down, and we all made it back safely.

There were 7 runners in the main group this week.


As for the recovery group, by general consensus, we took the slow road - even slower than planned. Eschewing Rooikat Ravine, eight of us jogged along the contour path from Cecilia car park to Constantia Nek and back as far as the first big waterfall (before Skellies) before heading down to the cars. We finished in 1h40 mins all in and managed to avoid all but a few droplets of rain.

Pete was the sole walker this week, completing 8,5kms on his lonesome.

No major milestones for the trailers today in terms of numbers of runs, but it was Leslie Street's birthday: so Happy Birthday Leslie!

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