Saturday, 17 October 2015

FEEDBACK: Saturday 17th October - Silvermine SE "Hole in the Wall"

After route changes, time changes and google behaving like a spoilt child, it was encouraging to see an enthusiastic group of runners arrive at Hole in the Wall for a first foray into Silvermine East from the Boyes Drive side since the fire.

The weather gods smiled on us and it was warm despite the early start. The small main group was ably led by Richard, Gaeleen and Theo coped well with a large recovery group while Peter led Randolph and myself as the walking wounded.

Although the routes on the map were not strictly adhered to, all groups enjoyed scenic, if hilly, runs. The mountain is recovering really fast after the fire and the winter rain. The ground is covered with flowers and even the burnt bushes are sprouting green hairdos. The streams were running down to the sea, very visible without the normal undergrowth.

Peter's group arrived home first in just over 2 hours to find 2 girls, who had turned around from the recovery group due to vertigo problems, waiting at the cars. Not long afterwards the intermingled main and recovery groups made their way down the mountain. Everyone impressed with their hill climbing skills!

A hard run but so good to be able to run in Silvermine again!

---Liz Brash 

Pictures by Faye Elliott. (Sadly Laura's camera has been sweat-damaged and is in the IRU - Intensive Rice Unit. Please send more photos if you have any.)

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