Friday, 27 May 2016

FEEDBACK Saturday 28th May 2016 - Durbanville - Majik Forest

Our first trek to the Majik Forest in Welgemoed took place this week with Randolph as run leader.

We drove through quite thick fog along the N1 but emerged safely above the cloud in the vineyards to see a gorgeous sunrise over low rolling hills.

The run was divided into three distinct parts: vineyards, forest and round the dam. The Fast group did 12.5kms, and a few runners did the dam again to increase distance to 14,5kms.  The Medium group did 9.3 or 11.3, depending on whether they ran around the dam or not, and the Slow group did 8-and-a-half kilometres.

All three groups ended up back at the cars in about an hour and a half.


An unusual view of Table Mountain
Beautiful soft colours (photo by Liz)

A bit of a steep hill about 2 kms in to the highest point of the run

The Fast group looking very fast!

A river crossing to remind us we're trail runners
Eerie posts marking out an empty vineyard

Very picturesque scenery at the end of the run
The Slow Group (or Quality Group)

The Medium group - with a few missing
Eerie posts marking out an empty vineyard
A final 2km circuit of the dam for those wanting a little bit more distance
 Here's the Medium group's track from Endomondo.

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