Sunday, 28 August 2016

FEEDBACK: TABLE MOUNTAIN TRAILERS Sat 27 August: Cecilia/Rooikat/Spilhaus

A bumper run today with 40 of us pitching to get up and above the fog blanketing the burbs.

From Cecilia we followed the cycle track parallel to Rhodes Drive. The Main Group led by Julian had to play catch up to the Medium Group led by Gaeleen (who knew the way). Then the Main Group sped off up the steep jeep track to Constantia Nek and we didn’t see them again till the Skeleton Gorge turnaround where they pronounced they were lost (they were in exactly the right place and just needed to turn around now).

Every man and his dog was out today, presumably training for UTCT and TMC. We helped reunite a lost Saluki and its owner with the aid of an emergency bandage leash and were dodging dogs big and small, left, right and centre.

The front runners of the Medium group split into a Fast/Medium led by Natalie before the Rooikat climb and ran 13.5 km in 2h 11 min. The Main Group ran 13 km in 2h and the Medium Group ran 11 km in about 2h.

Allison Lamb

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