Friday, 1 September 2017


So much for the "cool weather with a light breeze"! It was misty with a strong freezing wind when we all arrived to find out that the Sunbird Centre gate only opened at 8am. Everyone hauled out jackets and waited while Sam played traffic warden and directed cars to the parking outside Silvermine Village.

We started off as soon as we could just to warm up and the pleasant run along the golf course helped get the blood flowing.

The fast group led by Gregg with assistance from Tim and Mike galloped into the distance. Geoff couldn't make up his mind what group he was in, so he was in the middle just before the medium and slower groups.

As we climbed up towards Cave Peak, we entered the misty tablecloth that was blowing over the mountain. We reached the scramble climb without seeing the right rand paths leading to Echo Valley. I phoned the slower group to warn them about the scramble and they said they would discuss it.
The scramble was challenging but the group worked together to get everyone up safely. A group photo of a cold bunch of people was taken before we ran through to the amphitheatre on more familiar paths. 

From the amphitheatre it was lovely flowing running down Old Fisherman's path and then back down Dead Man's path to the turn off back to Sunbird centre. The mist and wind remained for most of the run, so jackets were the order of the day.

The fast group were sitting in the shelter of the cars drinking beer waiting for us - just to ward off the cold of course! We were worried about the slower group who took a while to arrive, but when they did they had smiles from ear to ear. They had done the same route as the medium group, including the scramble, and loved it!

Liz forgot her camera, so Judy was the designated photographer of the day. Lots of wonderful photographs on our Facebook page

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