Sunday, 24 September 2017

FEEDBACK Saturday 30 September 2017 Rhodes Memorial –Plum Pudding -King's Blockhouse

Unfortunately, after preparing her route for this week's run, Jo fell ill and was unable to lead us. 

Not to be stopped, a good crowd of runners arrived at the start at the old zoo parking and headed up the off-road trail to Rhodes Memorial and on to Heartbreak Hill. 

The Medium group decided to take the short-cut steps to the higher level contour path and visited the old blockhouse, while the Relaxed group stuck to the plan and followed the lower path all the way around towards the city before meeting up with the Mediums at the base of the blockhouse.

The Speedsters, however, headed off on a wild meander with Tim being dragged along by a couple of champion newbies which led to him finishing in the car park a couple of hours later in a rather exhausted state.

But back to the trail... We all eventually found our way to the single track that leads through the tall shady eucalyptus and onwards to the start of the boardwalks. At the junction just after the picnic table, we headed down to the path to the cars. The mediums did a spot of sightseeing at the old zoo again, inspecting the graffiti in the lion's den and musing on the lot of the poor ol' caged beasts.

All in all, the medium group covered only about 9kms and we all agreed that the initial short cut was a mistake because we felt we could have run more. The Relaxed group, having obeyed Jo's instructions to the letter, managed 11kms and were considerably more satisfied with their run.

More photos on the facebook page, but a few of the terrain here.

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