Monday, 23 October 2017

FEEDBACK SAT 28 Oct 2017 - East Fort Route

What a perfect way to start the day!! 

Views in every direction, sun shining, no wind and the mountain covered in flowers of all colours, shapes and sizes.  There were 26 of us altogether who raced up Chappies to Eastfort desperate to get onto that lovely mountain.

The fast group took off only to be seen at the end – not sure how far they went but must have been a fair distance as Geoff looked ‘shattered’ when they got back. 

According to Gae medium group ran 12.5km up along ravine and down again and our very relaxed group climbed, walked and jogged about 8.5 km.

By all the smiling faces I think everyone had a good time.

Please see our Facebook page for some great photographs!

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