Sunday, 20 November 2011

FEEDBACK Saturday 19 November: Woodhead Dam Circuit

We had 33 runners who gathered under the shady pines of the Constantia Nek parking area including 6 newcomers, one of which was Galina Pislegina who is from Perm in the Urals region of the Russian Federation.  She was visiting family in CapeTown and on hearing of our sortie from Elizabeth McGeaver decided to join in.

This is certainly one of our tougher runs but the detour along the Smuts Track extension with its stunning vistas of the Peninsula make it worth while.   Again we split into  faster and slower groups which seems to be working well in that the stronger runners are no longer having to make frequent stops and the slower runners are not feeling pressurised into keeping up.  After all our byline is Fast enough to get there, slow enough to enjoy.

Congratulations to Anellize Buys and Sue Tranter who have now completed ten sorties and join the Decurions.

Veronica Barnes and Felicity Garbers have now both done 24 sorties so after they completed their next run they will be eligible  to wear our special red tee-shirt.

take care in the week ahead


Getting ready to start from Constantia Nek
A long hard climb up the short-cut
klipspringers at the top

Shongalolos plodding uphill
Overlooking the Cape Flats
False Bay in the distance
Galina Pislegina:  a visitor from Russia
Nature's garden at the top of Nursary Ravine
At last we reach the Hely-Hutchinson dam
Boardwalk through Nature's garden

Elevation profile of the run
Route followed

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