Saturday, 26 November 2011

Feedback 26 November: Glencairn Kleinplaas Dam

Our Glencain-Kleinplaas circuit junket had thirty runners, including four newcomers, for a moderately tough but scenically rewarding run around the hills behind Glencain.  As usual we split into two groups the faster Klipspringers and the slower Shongalolos. 

In the past the leaders/navigators were briefed on the route to be followed but in a country with 11 official languages and an ancient one used on heraldic devices spoken by only a tiny fraction of our population- margin of error with verbal briefings was too great.  Anyway who pays attention to instructions before an event?  So in the interests of clarity and brevity I carefully plotted out the route in Google Earth, added markers at every conceivable point of confusion and then painstakingly crafted notes linked to each waypoint with simple instructions such as “Go left” .
 It shall remain a mystery as to why then when the printed route guide clearly says “Go right through gulley” the leaders of the Klipspringers decide to go left?  And then by some superhuman feat of reciprocalitus manage to pick up the planned route and then run in the reverse direction!    Not sure who was most  started when the two groups  met- the Shongalolos, who were peacefully trundling along enjoying a glorious spring morning’s outing, or the hot and flustered leaders of the Klipspringers pounding  up the trail?  Needless to say their navigation error was pointed out and they dutifully followed the Shongalos back to the regroup point at the Lewis Gay dam. 

But the tale ends not there because over the last 3 ks they managed to loose five of their group.  by taking a unscheduled detour so deceiving their unsuspecting sweep who kept dutifully to the route.  Fortunately 3 turned up after a short while and just as the Search & Rescue party was setting out the other two were found tripping happily along. 

Finally having all made it back to the cars we had a very brief Red Tee award to Veronica Barnes and Felicity Garbers who had just completed their 25th sortie.  Veronica is one of the founder members of our group while Felicity joins husband Neil who earned his red tee three weeks ago.

The proper route was only 14Kms but it would seem some of the Klipspringers added in an extra 2. 

And it must be the Christmas season as Bony M are to be heard again

All of the best --Peter

Shortly after setting out running through the nature reserve

Looking back with Table Mountain in the far background

Overlooking Noordhoek with Hout Bay in the distance

Klipspringers & Shongalolos

Veronica & Felicity proudly show their hard earned red tees

The wrong route

The right route

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