Sunday, 13 November 2011

FEEDBACK: Lion's Head Signal Hill Circuit

We had 28 runners for our new route around Lion’s Head and Signal Hill. As is our custom we divided into a faster and slower group with Veronica and Neil leading the “Klipspringers” While the “Shongalolos” had me as sweep and navigator.
Perhaps a little more technical than anticipated but generally a good but tough route. Both groups had minor navigational errors which entailed a little gully climbing but all par for trail running.
Joe powering up the gully
Shongalolos at ease
The dream stadium
Green Point
Early morning Atlantic seaboard

The pause that refreshes
The “Klipspringers” doing a bit of path finding.

Don't ask!

Routes taken: faster group in yellow and slower group in blue

 You will find some more photo's stored on picasaweb in the Lion's Loop album.

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