Sunday, 9 November 2014

FEEDBACK: Saturday 15th November - Silvermine North-West

Small group turned out on Saturday to run the Silvermine north-west route. Heavy downpours and snow on the higher mountains in the Western Cape, resulted in a chilly breeze for the run.

All groups started at the car park, the Walking group did a walk/run loop along the gravel paths, and the Main and Recovery groups set off along the River walk. From the River walk the groups went through the mountain bike parking area, where the Recovery group took the lower gravel path and the Main group went up Steenberg Ridge. From Steenberg ridge, the The Main group headed  towards the Elephant’s Eye fire look-out before joining the cycle track leading towards Blackburn Ravine. The recovery group followed the shortcut towards Elephant's Eye along the gravel path.  Both groups entered the single track to the Crassula path. This single track provided beautiful views of the dam and tall fynbos plants that can tower over you.  

Panoramic view from the Cressula path

Finally at the bottom of the Crassula path, the Main and Recovery groups met before turning right onto the Jeep track and again right onto the stony single track on Steenberg plateau. This gravel path lead us back to the car park.

View of Silvermine dam from the back 

The Walking group covered 9 km in 1h 45, and the Main group covered 11 km and the Recovery group covered 10 km in just under 2h.

The Main and Recovery group

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