Monday, 17 November 2014

FEEDBACK: Saturday 22nd November, Tokai Arboretum

A large turn out for a great summery Cape Town day. More than 20 runners in the Main group and fewer in the Recovery and Walking group, set out from the Tokai Arboretum at 06:30.

Up and up we go to Level 5

The many spectators to greet us along the way

All groups set off up the shortcuts to Level 5. At the jeep track, the Main and Recovery groups turned left towards Silvermine and into the mountain bike parking area.  Both groups continued along Steenberg Ridge towards Blackburn Ravine.  The Main group ran further to the HoutBay view point and then back towards the fire lookout. The Recovery group went only as far as the fire lookout before both groups headed back towards the start. The Walking group went right at the top of Level 5 and heading north before zigzagging back down to the start.

Route and elevation of Main group

The Main group completed 15 km in 2 h, the Recovery group 11.8 km in 5 h 45 min, and the Walking group 8 km in just over 2 h.

Nothing but blue sky!

The view across the Bay from the lookout

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