Sunday, 2 November 2014

FEEDBACK: Saturday 8 November, Sunbird centre

A smallish group of runners arrived at Sunbird Centre on Saturday morning, 9 in the main group and 8 in the recovery group.

All runners set off from the Sunbird Centre, first downhill and flat before heading up through the Silvermine Valley via a zig zagging path. At the T-junction, both groups headed north (towards gate 2). Here the Recovery group headed towards the waterfall and the Main group did an extra loop before exiting at Silvermine gate 2. Both groups crossed Ou Kaapse Weg for the second half of the run. The Main group did an extra circular loop and the Recovery group headed south via the Old Wagon road. The Main and Recovery groups met on the Old Wagon road and headed back to the start.

Main group route
Recovery group route

The Main group covered 14 km and the Recovery group covered 11 km both in 2 hrs.

Recovery group  
Main Group


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