Monday, 6 April 2015

FEEDBACK: Saturday 11th April, Atlantic Seaboard/Signal Hill

On a cold and misty Saturday morning, a few trail runners met at the Mouille Point lighthouse in Seapoint.  All three groups set out along the road and up Glengariff road to the base of Signal Hill.  A nice and easy, undulating route led up to the side of Signal Hill towards Lion's Head.

Misty morning at Mouille Point lighthouse.
Burnt trees and misty mornings.

Lion's Head peaking up over the clouds.

The Bay covered in fog.

Above the mist.

Selfies while they wait for the rest of the group.

Main group on the slopes of Signal Hill.

Look who has made a come back!
The Recovery group on the slopes of Signal Hill.

The Recovery group takes a plunge off the mountain.

The Main group with TM in the back.

From here, the three groups split up.  The Walk/Run group headed back towards Sea Point above the gun battery and via the Urban Park.  The Recovery group did an anti-clockwise loop around the upper circular track of Lion's Head before going back to Sea Point.  The Main group did a longer anti-clockwise run around the base of Lion's Head before heading back to Sea Point.  

The Main group completed 13.7 km with 330m elevation gain in 2h 10min and the Recovery group completed 12 km with 580m elevation gain in 2h 30min.
Recovery group route and elevation.
Main group route and elevation.

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