Monday, 20 April 2015

FEEDBACK: Saturday 25 APRIL 2015, Constantia Corner, Reservoirs, Cecelia Ridge Loop

Sun rise over the Peninsula.

Another large group of runners turned out on this misty morning.  All three groups started from the Constantia Nek parking and went up the first shortcut.  From here, we went around the corner up the side of the mountain. This route, Constantia Corner, is a tough route with a lot of up and some sections of climbing.

Half way up the fist shortcut.
The mist over the valley and all the way into Hout Bay.

Somewhere on the Constantia Corner, looking south towards Constantiaberg Peak.

And we just continue up, at least the sky has cleared (slightly).
We finally reached the plateau and were greeted by some flowers, sunshine and 'camel rock'.  At this point, we were close to De Villiers dam.
Some flowers to brighten the day.
Recovery group on the plateau behind De Villiers dam.

From De Villiers dam the three groups went their separate ways.  The main group continued along the concrete road and did a loop to Helly Hutchinson dam before returning to De Villiers dam and along Cecelia ridge.  The Recovery group headed directly down Cecelia Ridge.  The walk/run group proceeded directly down the concrete path back to the start.  The route down Cecelia Ridge was very steep, but the waterfall was worth the view.  The last section was along the contour path back to the start.

Views along the contour path.
Our route.
The main group completed 12km in 3hrs, the recovery group completed 8km in 3hrs and the walk/run group come back in about 2hr30min.

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