Friday, 18 October 2019

Re: TABLE MOUNTAIN TRAILERS Saturday 19 October 2019: Vlakkenberg

Happy Friday Trailers!

Tomorrows run is ON

There will be a medium relaxed group.

The weather looks to be mild but please still remember to bring your water.

See you at Constantia neck, RV in the parking area 06:25 (yes that early) to start at 06:30 (it'll be worth it, you know it ;-))



On Monday, 14 October 2019, 09:40:08 SAST, 'Samantha Brinkmann' via Table Mountain Trailers <> wrote:

Good Morning Trailers

This Saturday we meet at Constantia Neck to explore the Vlakkenberg.

Route details

Meet at the Constantia Neck parking.

Heading a short distance down the tar road towards Hout Bay you will see a green gate on the left signposted for Vlakkenberg, once through we start with an up (surprise!). Over the neck we take a sho't left from the trail to admire the vistas across the Constantia vineyards and False Bay. Returning back to the trail we continue our undulation (running passed Bokkemanskloof) until we get to tar road leading to the Constantia mast.  
A little way up the tar there's a contour path to the right which will lead us to another stunning viewpoint, this time across Hout Bay. We then retrace our steps back to Bokkemanskloof where we turn down (yay!), continuing to join the gravel road on the right with a leg stretch back to Constantia Neck.

Please remember this a pack run led by committee, and its important that we look out for each other.  

Rendezvous and Start Time

RV in the parking area 06:25 ready to start at 06:30.

Terrain and Distance

Mostly single track, short bit of tar, and a gravel road finish.  
Distance: +- 10 kms taking about 2h30 to 3h00 for Medium Group 

Fast Group
Will follow a similar route with a possible extension to be decided on the day.

Relaxed Group to be confirmed on Friday.

*Please note adjustments to the route may be made whilst running depending on the group and weather conditions.

Please bring:

A whistle, WATER (remember a trail 10km can take longer than a road 10km), a warm & waterproof/windproof top, space blanket and ICE (In case of Emergency) tag or card.

Unfortunately no dogs are allowed on our runs.

Have a great week!



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