Thursday, 10 October 2019


Dear Trailers,


After a long, hard season out there on the mountain, It's time to think about your trail running wardrobe.


If you've noticed more than a reasonable distance between you and the runner behind you on the trails, or if people are taking a step backwards at regroups and photostops, if you're proud of your position on the Runners' Log, or if your favourite top has simply started to fall apart at the seams… it may be time to order a TABLE MOUNTAIN TRAILERS T-SHIRT!


Prices are reasonable, fabrics and colours are tried-and-tested not to fade, split or hold on to smells (well, not too much) and they are locally made so you'll be supporting local industry – hooray! What's more, your t-shirt is hand-made FOR YOU! You can't say that about the one you bought at Mr Price Sport or even the one you earned at UTCT.


Attached is this year's order form and colour/style guideline. Shout if you need any help.








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