Saturday 28 April 2012

FEEDBACK 28 April Tokai Forest

About 20 of us (including one or two newbies) arrived in the dark for the
start of our run, and before we could even set off, it had started to rain.  Everyone had clearly listened to previous lectures, and were all prepared
for the 'any' weather and we put on our rain jackets and headed off towards level 3, with Julian in the lead.  We regrouped here and then again at the
Elephant's eye footpath for the 'group' photo.  Here 4 ladies headed back
down and we hiked up to level 5.  From there it was a nice long flatish run along the jeep track.  The path then split towards Vlakkenberg and we headed
off along a lovely single track into 'Donkerbos' = a first for me and
probably the whole group - what a beautiful little stretch of track.  We
arrived at the mast road, all rather wet, and it was a fast downhill back to
our cars.
A total distance of 14.5 km, and a most enjoyable run, even in the rain.


Sunday 22 April 2012

FEEDBACK Sturday 21st April: Houtbay

 25 mustered in the parking area who together with Tim's Longer faster group, listened to his words of common-sense and advice on the need for warm clothing on winter runs in the mountains.

After Tim's lot had hared off up the mountain we set off and were soon in a steady climb up the western  flanks of Constantiaberg with a magnificent view of Hout Bay below.     Soon we reached Blackburn Ravine for a quick regroup and then more climbing to reach the undulating contour path that led us through Flat Rock ravine and on to the saddle or Chapman's Nek.
At this point we regrouped for the customary group photograph which a passing professional photographer kindly took for us.  By now the clouds had shrouded Chapman's peak so with scant chance of a view we decided to cut out that section of the planned route and head down the footpath to Chapman's Peak drive below.   However two hardy souls Judith and Vanessa, in the true spirit of trail running would not be deterred by a wisp of cloud so elected to run the full route.  Later that morning I received an e-mail from Judith to tell me they managed to see the view down into Noordhoek.  

I am reliably informed that on the descent Dave was seen to do a slow motion sideways arabesque off the path into the bush and down the bank.  Clearly this is his party trick as this was a similar performance to that he gave on our last Two Oceans trail practice run.

A good 4km downhill sprint to the parking area gave us a distance of 11.6 km.   A new route which we did not quite complete as planned, so we will try it again later in the year.


Group photo taken from the saddle

Dave examining his legs after executing a splendid downhill arabesque!

Route followed


Saturday 14 April 2012

Feedback: Saturday 14th April: Vlakkenberg

Sunrise from above Constantia Nek Resturant

Gaeleen reports:

Julian took the lead, and I kept an eye on him and the few people behind me,
so we managed to do the whole run as a single group.  Felt like more of a
hike than a run, but enjoyable.  Spectacular views on the way up.  From the
tar road we did head off incorrectly towards the East Fort, but we turned
back and found the unclear path and some of us ran to the lookout at
Skoorsteenkop, but the clouds had moved in so there was no view. Quite a lot
of bundu bashing on the way down, and then the road and gravel back to the
cars - I had forgotten just how long that gravel road/pipe track was - maybe
because last time we ran the down route!   Total distance - just over 10 km
in  2 and a half hours.

We did have a newcomer arrive with a dog (female Doberman), which did
'change' the run a bit especially when she chased a cyclist on the mast road
and tried to bite his calf - so a few 'loud' words shouted at the dog and
owner by the cyclist.  She also did knock a few of us as she ran past on the
single tracks, but luckily no falls etc.  and apart from the cyclist, no

Congratulations to Julian Tompkins and Dave Bywater who join the Decurions having completed 10 sorties.

Group Photo

Route profile
Google Earth view of route taken today

Wednesday 11 April 2012


Route actually followed on Friday 6th April

Two Oceans 10km Trail Run

We had 11 from our trail group who ran in the 10km trail run, which was run over a route different from that publicized, no surprise there but at least we did run over much of it during our practice runs.  

Penny and Alan looking like they could do it again

Gareth Allison 01 13
Annalize Buys  01 58
Dave Bywater  01 14
Craig Campbell  01 18
Kerry Campbell  01 13
Penny Gracie  01 22
Alan Hammond  01 22
Sam Laing  02 23
Fay Linder  02 18
Peter Rogers 01 30
Kim Wright 01 51

Interesting fact about the timing chips used is that they are not foolproof, ask Kerry as she was initially shown as having run 1hr 23 min coming in behind her husband Craig whereas she actually came in 5mins ahead of him!

 21 km trail Run

Here we had Jenni Horn at 03 50 and two former members of our group who have moved up to Tim's longer-faster group,  Allison Lamb and Gregg Smith, who ran in at 03 52.  Allison also had a malfunction with her timing chip.

Half Marathon run on Saturday 7th April 

For this we had a slight change of weather, some wind and rain occurred.

Larna Barnett 02 51  who completed her 10th run so has earned a light blue permanent number
Sue Bourne  2 53
Sarah lange 01 46 
Alan Hammond 02 18
Sue Mcconnell  1 55  who also completed her 10th run and has earned a light blue number
Joe Hofmeyr 02 34
Peter Rogers   02 40
Hayley Terpend    02 22 

56km Ultra Marathon

John Harding and Sid Stoffberg who finished in 06 36  This I understand was John's 20th run so he has earned a double blue.   Well done John.

And a special thanks to Leigh Gordon who gave up her time to help man the medical tent

Monday 2 April 2012

Feedback Saturday 31 March

 We had 38 turn out for our final practice run over the Two Oceans 10km route.   Well we got the first few kms right at least, but true to form we went astray in the middle somewhere.  See the track below.  Seems we turned back too soon if the southern section of this years route is the same as last year.
Anyway it was a good cheerful sortie with many newcomers eager to try out the route. Including Chris Nash a visiting fell runner from the UK.

Group Photo taken during a regroup
The blue track s last year's 10km route and the yellow track is the route we ran on Saturday.