Monday 11 November 2013

FEEDBACK: 16 November: Table Mountain North Face Traverse

Sat 16 November: Table Mountain North Face feedback

8 hardcore enthusiasts pitched up after the mother of all storms hit Cape Town overnight. We were rewarded with one of the most spectacular and memorable runs to date. 

This route is beautiful on an ordinary day but when a few inches of rain have fallen it becomes a water wonderland. The Norwegians were right, the rain held off and we climbed the infamous 213 steps to Kloof Corner. Then we headed off on the upper contour path on what I will call a white-water running adventure. Sheets of water fell off the mountain overhead and Silverstream Waterfall looked like the Niagara Falls. We could’ve kayaked down Platteklip stream. 

We ran arguably the most beautiful single track above the city, boulder hopped and waded through stream after stream. We got sopping wet from waterfall mist and had a wonderful hazy view of the city from behind a waterfall. All too soon we were heading down Platteklip and back through a very misty Deer Park to our cars. 

Thank you to Gregg for leading and Peter for sweeping. We ran 10.2kms in 2h15. Congratulations to Randolph for completing 50 sorties and to Lorraine for completing her 25th sortie with the Trailers!


Gregg, Christelle, Thelma, Lorraine, Michelle, Peter and Randolph,  Group leader Allison took the photo

One of the many river crossings

although there was plenty of falling water it did not rain!

Regroup time

Just another river crossing for Thelma

This one we just sloshed through

Sunday 10 November 2013

FEEDBACK: 9 November, Silvermine North West Loop

22 turned up for what Gae described as"  Lovely run, lovely route, definitely one to put in the ‘favourites’ catalogue".