Sunday 10 December 2017

FEEDBACK: Saturday 16th December Final Run of the Year and Picnic Breakfast

For our last official run of the year, we did the Signal Hill loop from Mouille Point lighthouse in reverse. 

Everyone started out on the same route from the lighthouse and ran/walked up Glengariff Road. At the park we turned left, and after a bit of hill climbing eventually found the path that took us round to the noon day gun. Here we milled around trying to find a way out without going up the steep slope, but in the end we slid our way up the slope along the fence.

Some good free running took us around to the Kramat. Here the relaxed group took a right path in front of Lion's Head to join up with the west path round the mountain and found their way back to the top of Glengariff Road. The medium group broke into two groups and both went  to Kloof Nek road and round Lion's Head to give them extra distance. The two faster runners did the same at double the speed!

The end of the run took us round Green Point Park and back to the cars where we collected picnic stuff and found a good spot under one of the trees in the park to enjoy the camaraderie of the end of year picnic.

Please see Facebook for photos of the run and the picnic

Thursday 7 December 2017

FEEDBACK: Saturday 9 December 2017 : Sirkelsvlei - Shipwreck Route in Cape Point Nature Reserve

The predictions of a cold overcast, blustery morning meant that only a small group of trailers arrived to brave the elements. What a wonderful day for running! Those that didn't arrive really missed out.

We did the usual Olifantbos route in reverse starting up the stairs and coming back via the beach. The weather was cool and overcast - ideal running weather - and the wind wasn't too bad but was freshening by the time we got back.

There were two groups: a medium/fast led by Theo and Lorraine and the relaxed group led by Nora and Marge.

The flowers were out in force, the clouds were spectacularly gloomy and the running was good. Sirkelsvlei was absolutely dry. A first for all of us. An ostrich family pecked around the dry vlei bed and a lone bontebok was near the only bit of green. Where did all the terrapins go?

Down at the beach, the wind was behind us and sand whipped our legs if we stopped. The tide was coming in so our usual path over the rocks was out of reach and we slogged through the soft sand. The small whale carcass that the medium group found was almost back in the sea by the time the relaxed group went past.

Some brave souls were walking into the wind looking for shipwrecks as we neared home. At the Olifantsbos house we decided to take the road back to avoid getting wet on the rocks.

A short but scenic run in a pristine environment. Always enjoyable and worth the long drive and getting up really early!

Please visit our Facebook page for photographs