Sunday 26 February 2017

FEEDBACK: Saturday 4 March 2017 - Kalk Bay to Silvermine East

28 trailers gathered at Kalk Bay station parking on an unexpectedly warm and calm morning, ready to tackle the uphill to Silvermine. The medium and fast group were fairly even at around 12 people each with the remaining 4 making up the slower group.

Gregg led the fast group off first followed closely by the medium group led by the usual committee; Nora and Felicity took care of the slower group. 

The combination of the Kalk Bay stairs and the long trek up Weary Willies warmed up cold muscles and raised the heartbeat, but as the sun came up and the light changed, spirits rose.

At the junction the fast group turned right to go up Spes Bona Valley. The other 2 groups continued up Echo Valley. 

On the way to the amphitheatre, our resident botanist, Theo, was delighted to spot the red cluster Disa Ferruginea and had many of us flower spotting as we passed more specimens!

The medium group ran down Crassula path, along Old Fisherman's Path, stopping for a group photo to celebrate Laura's 100th run with TMT!

Going along to Dead Man's Path, we met up with the Slower Group who had been determined to beat us to the junction!

Dead Man's path took us up again and at the junction, the group decided to go back via Spes Bona. The Slower Group continued down Echo Valley.

Most of the Fast Group came flying past at this point, gathering up Erich and Catherine on their way and depositing one or two of their runners who preferred our pace and conversation...

A splinter group off the fast group decided to go ahead at some point, but map reading wasn't their strong point and they arrived home at the same time as us, having done some bushwhacking!

Spes Bona is beautiful and the downhill was enjoyed by all.

Monday 20 February 2017


Feedback from Laura and Jo to follow.
In the meantime, here are some of this week's photos.
Thanks to Liz for the images. More on our facebook page.