Saturday 18 August 2012

Feedback-18 August Signal Hill Circuit


19 Turned out for what was a Cape Town mid winter Champagne Morning.  
We split into two groups with Julian leading the main faster group off over the full route and I led the recovery group over a shorter route at a slower pace.

The photographs explain why it is worth getting up early on a Saturday morning.

Congratulations to Sue Bourne who completed her tenth sortie and joins the decurions.

Sunrise catching the Twelve Apostles

The main Group
The Recovery group

Route followed by the main group

Run profile

Monday 6 August 2012

Feedback Sat 4 August: Rhodes Memorial

It was an indifferent winter's morning with the possibility of rain but never the less 22 hardy souls turned up at the start including Mike who had broken out of his winter hibernation.    After the preliminaries Julian lead the main group off and Gaeleen reports as follows;  

As you will see from the distance – we did 14.48 km --- not it wasn’t you who miscalculated – at one of the hairpin bends, we went right instead of straight  (think Julian planned it to make sure we got in the extra mileage we ‘lost’ on our previous Silvermine route) – we then were heading towards town and ran all the way to the gate at the end of Tafelberg Road and were above Queen’s Blockhouse.  Luckily we had now done all the uphill (and there was a lot!) so the decision to go back wasn’t difficult.  This out and back bit added an extra 2 km to our run.  Very nice run, enjoyed by all and I am sure a lot of the ‘newbies’ will be back.

Congratulations to  Alan Hammond who completed his 25th Sortie and is eligible to wear the coveted Red Tee shirt  and to Theresa one of our more regular runners who completed her 10th sortie and joins the Decurions and is now eligible for the quick check in on the Register.