Sunday 28 July 2013

FEEDBACK: Sat 3rd August Cecilia Forest : 2nd Leg of Table Mountain Challenge

Allison's report below:

Fifteen runners pitched up on a ridiculously beautiful winter morning. We had some new faces including a few of Tim’s crew ‘recovering from injury’. Julian dusted off his trail shoes to join us and was most put out to see he has been ousted from the speedy check-in list. 

Pierro ensured we didn't stray from Peter’s route and we happily chugged along to Skeleton Gorge from Cecilia. Then up &#@* Rooikat Ravine to Cecilia Waterfall where we had a picnic with the contents of Geoff’s backpack. Faye and Paul had a little dip in the waterfall and then we headed through Spilhaus Ravine to Constantia Nek and back to Cecilia. 

Two kilometres from the finish Ingrid was so happy to see jeep track that she speed wobbled her way into a twisted ankle. Please get better quickly Ingrid, Mel and I are counting on you for Leg 3 of TMC! 

Fifteen runners went out, fifteen runners came back (although Julian, Faye and Paula did an extra loop accidentally on purpose). We were out for 2 hours and ran 10ishkms. Thanks to Geoff and Fay for photographic evidence of a great morning out.


Monday 22 July 2013

FEEDBACK 27 July 2013: Signal Hill Circuit

It was a mild and misty morning at Kloof nek when out of the dark a few cars swept into the parking area to unloaded 17 brightly attired trail runners ready for their weekly high.  Fantasy world you think? OK let Lorraine give her version:

Woke up at 6am and heard foghorns, but no rain, so headed off to the Kloof Nek parking to meet the gang. It wasn't even all that cold: 12C. Only when a shower of near icicles started piercing our eyelids at about 4kms did we wonder what madness had made us get out of our warm beds this morning with such optimism. We got lost (more than once), slid down muddy slopes, and had a twisted ankle or two, but it all ended in a rainbow - albeit a weak one.
I learned two lessons:
1. A simple clump of grass can sometimes make you feel as safe as houses, and
2. When your leggings are soaking wet and stuck to your legs, they don't slip down as easily and aren't half as irritating.
There's a silver lining to every cloud.

So yes the weather okes got it wrong and we did experience two or three squalls sweeping in off the cold gray South Atlantic with driving rain that felt like icicles, But you know what? There is something deeply satisfying being out in nature when the elements are against you.   Granted you need to be wearing the right gear for the conditions  [one of our Ws is Warm waterproof clothing]   An atavistic throw back to our hunter/gatherer forebears.

It must have been a good run seeing all the smiling faces jogging back into the car-park Although Sam remarked "they're just relieved to back to the shelter of their cars!"

Congratulations to Natalie Marcus on her tenth run which means she joins the Decurions and is eligible for the speed check in.

Thanks to Geoff for leading, Liz for helping keeping him running in the right direction and to Lorraine for taking the photos despite the wind and rain.

And to Gae for organising the very snazzy buffs for the TM Trailers

Route followed by Main Group

Monday 15 July 2013

FEEDBACK Sat 20 July, Constantia Nek up Vlakkenberg

21 turned up at a crowded parking area as Tim's Longer Faster group and an Atlantic trail group had also chosen Constantia nek as their starting point.

A good but tough run with no navigational problems thanks to Richard who led the Main Group.

The KEEN STAR must be awarded to Mariette Flint who has been away for a couple of months and only arrived back from Norway late Friday evening.   Her motivation "well it was either run or face a mountain of laundry!"

Misty misty morning

Route followed by Main Group

Monday 8 July 2013

FEEDBACK: Saturday 13 July: Newlands-Groote Schuur Estate

Randolph Mort planned an unusual twist to the run this week by quietly adding in heartbreak hill without any of us being aware.   So 17 took to the trails behind Rhodes Memorial on a typical Cape winter's morning.  Unfortunately other attractions deprived us of our usual team of photographers but Geoff tried out his minicam the results can be seen on the links below.

All in all a good run but uneventful run was had by all three groups.

Thanks to Randolph for planning another variation around this area and to Richard for leading.g