Sunday 18 December 2016

FEEDBACK : December 17th: Final TMT run for 2016 followed by picnic breakfast

This was a particularly special run for most of us because it was Pete's last run with us as our Manager.

Here are a few words from Pete:
"It has been a joyful experience managing the Trailers especially due to the willingness of all of the sortie managers in helping to provide exciting, and challenging at times, routes through our wonderful montane scenery week after week. As I said on Saturday, the time has come for me to step down and let the next generation take over but God willing, I will join Nora's group as sweep from time to time."

We certainly hope to keep him on the mountain and off the bowls green quite often!

It was a hot day and the route was quite gruelling, giving us good reason to refresh ourselves at Piero's house afterwards. The camera struggled to take decent pictures with the strong contrasts in light and shade on most of the route and the photographer struggled with the hills. ;) Still, it was a great finale to a fabulous year.

There were 40 Trailers signed in, but a few extras from Tim's group joined us and didn't do the paperwork so the total number was closer to 45.

Happy Holidays everyone. See you all on January 14th for our first trail of the year.



Monday 12 December 2016

FEEDBACK Saturday 10 December2016 - Tygerberg Nature Reserve

This week's turnout was small, partly due to many Trailers helping out at the Ultra Trail (UTCT) but also perhaps because of the school holidays and the massive venture to beyond the boerewors curtain.
There were however, 3 groups at the start: the fast group led by Geoff, medium by Lorraine and Slow by Pete, but the Fast and Medium did a shuffle midway and ended up quite homogenised. We all did variations on the paths with stunning views of Table Mountain.

It was all pretty easy running on single track and jeep track with lots of undulating hills to test the legs and lungs.

We had two visitors, Anne-Sophie and Anouska, from France and Pretoria respectively. Welcome!

Sunday 4 December 2016

FEEDBACK: 3rd Dec 2016: Sunbird Centre To Kalk Bay

33 runners signed in at the start.

The Fast group were soon off at a cracking pace with Richard Rossiter leading the group down the gravel road through the Clovelly Golf course and up over Trappieskop into Kalk Bay with unrivalled views of the harbour. From there they started returning via Echo Valley, Spes Bona and Dead Man's Path covering  over some technical terrain. Distance covered 14km in 2h15.

The Medium group, ably led by Liz Brash followed them into Kalk Bay where they deviated by turning  towards Fish Hoek with panoramic views of the Fish Hoek beach and then descended into the Clovelly wetlands and onto the Fish Hoek periphery where they followed a single track to a very soft sand dune  leading back to the cars.  Distance covered 11.7km in 2h10.

The Slow group sneakily started at the parking area above the golf club and covered the area from Trappieskop, Kalk Bay and Clovelly for a distance of 6km in 1h30.

Apologies for the ultra-soft sand which had been desiccated by the wind and sun. (Next running of this route will before the South Easter starts pumping).

Pictures courtesy of Liz Brash. Plenty more on our facebook page too.