Sunday 28 September 2014

FEEDBACK: Sunday 5 October, Grape Run helper's run

There was a great turn out on a very summery Sunday for the Grape Run helper's run.

All runners met at the Constantia Sports complex for either a 21km, 14km or 10km run through the vineyards.  The run started with a stretch along the tar road to the entrance of Groot Constantia followed by long stretches of farm roads.  The route undulated along the slopes of the mountain but there were no big climbs.  Lastly, there was a tar road finish back to the club.

Route and elevation map of the 14 km Grape run

Dam on Groot Constantia
In front of the vineyard section we had just left

Our early morning effort was rewarded with coolish summer weather and spectacular views.

The main group completed 14.8 km in 1h 50min.

Friday 19 September 2014

FEEDBACK: SAT 20 September Houtbay/ Oude Schip/ Rocket Road

This was a new route which turned out to be a great success.  Thanks to Randolph who went to a lot of trouble to pioneer it beforehand.     

Nothing really to report other than in the customary manner of TM Trailers the leaders of the main group took a wrong turn and ran full pelt into Sol Kerzner's guarded estate.  As best as I can work out is that Boris an Albanian ex bouncer from one of Cape Town's Gentlemen's club though that his day was about to be made.  On duty guarding Sol's version of Nkandla and having been alerted to an imminent threat he came hurtling down the hillside on his armoured quad bike to confront this horde of brightly dressed invaders led by a bearded fiend.   In his best anglo-albanian he let it be known that their presence would not be tolerated etc etc.  despite the protestations of innocence he escorted them off the property . 

 Unfortunately Hein,a law abiding citizen together with his sister Aneen who had taken an alternative wrong turn missed this excitement but were well on their way to Suikerbossie before they realised they where way of course so ran an extra few kms

All in all a good outing for the 27 runners

Some comments from Randolph
Thank you for letting me organize the race and trust all enjoyed including those who were chased. Just some observations:

  • 1     I agree that run is better is run anti-clockwise i.e.  in reverse
  • 2.       The main group can then do 1km to Llandudno and back – the others can go 100 metres towards Llandudno to see the a charming small bay.
  • 3.       Parking can be problematic as there are only 17 demarcated bays with some space for a couple of cars in the parking area and if cars are only occupied by a driver and if the route gains popularity.          

Congratulations to Angela as this was her 25th sortie so now she is eligible to wear a Red tee 

Saturday was a big milestone for Gae as this was her 125th sortie.   This means that she has trail run some 1500 kms and can now can wear her Red and White Tee shirt with pride.   Hearty congratulations 

Starting out by ploughing through soft sand

Looking down on Oude Schip Island from Rocket Rd

On Oude Schip Island

Climbing up away from Oude Schip

Sam and Mike stop to greet Neil

Rock pool

Group photo of Main Group

Looking back

Felicity "brisk-walking"

Friday 5 September 2014

FEEDBACK:Sat 6 September: Part of 3rd Leg of Table Mountain Challenge

Despite some heavy cloud and a spittering of drizzle   altogether 22 turned up to run in the different groups.

The Main group after car shuttling to Suikerbossie covered 13 km in just over 3hrs, the Recovery group did km 11 kms and the Walkers 8.5 kms

Main group starting up

Main Group Photo

Walking Group

Recovery Group